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Financing Plan Options

MAG CAPITAL has multiple investment plans designed to meet each inventor’s and or business companies required needs.

Plan 1 Investing in the inventor’s products, for inventors who want their product to reach the consumer. If you have a unique product with a sample or prototype, different from any other product on the market, we can finance, market and distribute your product and get it in the hands of millions of consumers in thousands of retail stores. You have no financial risk and we pay you a royalty.

Plan 2 Inventors seeking a Licensing Agreement: For those inventors seeking a license agreement, MAG CAPITAL will work with the inventor in obtaining our companies that will license the inventor’s product. The inventor will have a unique product like no other on the market, patent, patent pending, product sample and or prototype that shows proof of concept.

Plan 3 Investing in companies that need financing to take their business and or product to the next level. There are companies that have developed a unique product or business opportunity and need financing to help them achieve their new direction. MAG/Capital can pursue the necessary funding that will allow them to achieve their financial and distribution objectives.

Plan 4 Financing for companies seeking to sell their business. There are companies that have reached a decision to take advantage of their company’s growth and are looking to sell their business. In this situation we will work directly with the company in securing a potential buyer in meeting and exceeding the company’s financial goal.

If any of these available investment plans meet your needs, please contact us at We can schedule a phone call meeting to review the plan that best meets your needs.


When an inventor is seeking financing for their product invention a business plan is required to present to the potential investor and/or investment company.

The inventor needs to know how much financing they need. The investor needs to know how that money will be used.

Regardless of how great your product invention is, without a business plan the investor has no idea where the inventor’s business is going or how the inventor will get there.

At MAG CAPITAL, we work with inventors in establishing their successful business plan that will enable the inventor to successfully be prepared in seeking the financing they need to get their product into the hands of millions of people.

If you have a great product invention, we can help you in your pursuit for the financing you need. Please contact us at