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MAG CAPITAL was founded with the intention of making a difference for the lives of millions of people who have personal needs that are not being satisfied with products now on the shelve of retailers across North America.

MAG CAPITAL is a diversified group of individuals with vast career experience with consumer packaged goods companies, executive consulting and financial enterprises such as Kellogg Foods Company, Revlon, Unilever, McKinsey & Company, Wasserstein Perella & Co, Pavion Cosmetics, Continental Can Company, FosterGrant, Opti-Ray Optical, Jhane Barnes, Nickelodeon Networks, Inc., Mattel, Elizabeth Arden, Timex Corporation, Lifesaver Company and the Eveready Batteries Company.

MAG CAPITAL industry affiliations are The Vision Council, NACDS, Vision Expo, American National Standards Institute, and International Organization for Standardization, National Food Brokers Association and Vision Spring Foundation, 20/20 by 20/20 Perfect Vision for the World Foundation, Technology Association of America, Financial Management Association International and Consumer Electronics Association.

Our financial investors have investments in music recording, entertainment, retail, electronics, cosmetics, optical, food, pet products, sporting goods and healthcare services. The MAG/Capital team of investors are seeking investments in product technology that are unique and incremental to each category they invest in that represent short-term turnaround opportunities for both the inventor and investor.