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MagCap Medical Group

Business Press Release

With MagCap Medical Group, division of MAG CAPITAL, focus on expanding our business in the fastest growing industry in America, are excited to share our new financial partnership merger with a leading medical device distributor that distributes medical devices and products to hospitals and medical supply retailers. Further, our new partner is equipped with a sales organization throughout America with a relationship in working directly with hospitals in managing our business. Our new name for this division is MagMed/Hosp.

MagCap Medical Group effort to further expand our business into the medical industry, we are pleased to announce we have secured our second financial partnership. Our new partnership, with focus on medical rehabilitation products direct to over 38,800 physical therapy clinics in America, representing a $34 Billion Industry. Our new name for this new division is MagMed/PT.

We have expanded the magnitude of our business searching for medical companies that make medical devices, medical supplies, and now physical therapy products. If you know of any company looking to get their products into hospitals, medical supply retailers or physical therapy clinics. Please contact us [email protected].