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Behind the Founder of MAG CAPITAL

Mr. Frank Maglietta

Frank Maglietta founder of MAG CAPITAL with the intent of helping inventors and businesses achieve their financial dream through the sale of their invention and business, brings his extensive experience and knowledge through his company of seasoned executives to achieve that goal.

Mr. Maglietta has been described as enormously skilled, an accomplished executive, a business leader with a deep passion for maximizing the clients return on investment. Frank has a sophisticated understanding of building a global business with a unique and successful approach to financing.

Mr. Frank Maglietta Experience

With over three decades of investment and consumer package goods experience, with Fortune 500 Companies, achieving hundreds of new product and business investments, reaching millions of people is an extraordinary accomplishment achieved by celebrated entrepreneur Frank Maglietta.

Early in Maglietta’s career, while working with a leading financial company in England, Frank realized through the proper approach reinventing one’s business or product can return huge income rewards.

Maglietta’s background was driven through his experience with financial institutions that enabled Frank to gain a discipline resulting in remarkable business opportunities with extraordinary return on investments. As a result of his career journey with seasoned executives and entrepreneurs, Frank states, “I was fortunate to have worked with legends in the industry with revenue in the billions”.

Mr. Frank Maglietta new opportunity

Inventors and business leaders are individuals who invent products and business concepts that help people find an easier way of doing ordinary things. Mr. Maglietta, driven by a passion to make a difference for people, took note of the millions of inventors who invent solutions to solve their own problems, and businesses creating unique concepts that make their companies attractive for immediate acquisition at above market value.

Frank states: "we are always in search for inventors or businesses who need the financing for their invention or business that can make a difference for them in achieving the ultimate financial reward.

If you have a unique product or business that can make a difference for people, please contact us at [email protected].