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How we do it


Our sales organization has offices in all markets in North America making up 300 individuals from direct sales people, account executives, sales analysts, customer service and administrative staffing.

The sales team has responsibilities for the management of the assigned retailers in their territories.

The account executives call on each of the retailers category managers presenting, selling and managing all retailer requirements for the new technology product line.

The sales analyst evaluates the new technology product line as it relates to in-store performance, stock levels, consumer/market trends and future orders enabling immediate implementation required to continue the success for the new technology product line.

The sales team is available to provide each retailer's category manager a timeline in providing the essential follow up to maintain the distribution and replenishment for the new technology product line.


Our highly skilled creative management team provides the product direction that best meets consumer and market trends.

The strategy is reaching each consumer needs related to the new technology within each category.

The promotional advertising activity is scheduled based on each retailers marketing strategy in reaching the consumer.

Developing new product line extensions for each technology line.

Creating consumer response programming that generate consumer repeat sales.


Develop the selling material.

Design the in-store display vehicles.

Create the graphics and point of sale.

Package design and material manufacturing.

Labeling and product labeling.

Business Analysis

Our business analyst is responsible for the evaluation of trends and new business opportunities.

The evaluation of in-store inventory conditions, communicated to the sales department, establishing new business opportunities.

Retail market research for new merchandising programs created within each retailer's individual market locations.

Increase sales through managing product mix within each retail market.

In-Store Service

There are up to 15,000 in-store service merchandisers visiting store outlets in North America on regular scheduled service calls.

The function of the in-store service call is to be sure that the product is in the store and on the shelf and/or on the display, meeting each retailer's planogram schematic.

The service representative will bring product from the retailer's backroom and place it on the shelf /display thereby preventing lost sales. Further, service representatives will place in-store orders to have back up stock to replenish existing inventory to continue the sales growth for the new technology product line.

In-store surveys conducted for the new technology product line communicated to the retailers-merchandising department for action to correct all substandard merchandising conditions.

The customer service department provides a hotline for retail stores to contact for special requests and follow up needed.

Third Party Logistics

Our warehouse operational facility provides product storage, the service to process and ship orders for each of the retailers in North America.

We have multiple warehouse locations with each offering over 250,000 square feet of space.

The electronic communications established between our EDI system and each retailer linking the process of ordering, ASN, direct payments and inventory control.

Our staffing in all warehouses is over 500 direct employees.

We manage inventory control with quarterly cycle count inventories.

Electronic Communication

Our electronic technology company provides the EDI communications between the supplier and each retailer. This is a mandatory service in being in business with major retailers.

China Office

The relationship with our Asian manufacturers are strengthened through the positioning of our China Office.

The China Office manages all product sourcing and replenishment orders for each retailer.

The management of all exporting and freight forwarding.

Asia Product Manufacturers

Our product manufacturers reside throughout many of the Chinese regions with each manufacturing different aspects of production.

Each of our manufacturers offer unique patented machinery designed for technology production.

Package/Label Manufacturing

State-of-the-art package manufacturing recognized for quality and unique design work.

Our package-labeling manufacturers have locations in both the USA and China, which allows for fast turnaround.

Technology Engineers

Our engineer team develops new technology that has our products different from any other product on the market.

Searching for new materials, applications and manufacturing that allows a significant point of distinction.


The licensing group has access to all of the major licensors with the most sought-after brand names.

Our executive management is in tune with each trend and brand names that best fit our new technology brands.

Social Media

To best communicate our new product technology and build an industry buzz, our Social Media team creates and reaches the appropriate people at the right time with the right technique story.

Advertising Agency

Working closely with our marketing executives, our Ad agency sources the most effective and cost efficient media.

Advertising expertise in selecting specific markets, reaching 90% of consumers targeted for each product technology.

Intellectual Property Patent Firm

Our legal team is one of the leading technology patent firms in the World. They represent categories from eyewear, healthcare and science companies.

We offer the opportunity for our technology clients to patent their new technology concepts.

Financial Investor Groups

BVG partnership is among several of the leading investor groups in North America with financial resources to finance new technology product launches.

The financial team has extraordinary life experience with nationally known consumer packaged goods companies.

Our financial partners bring more than financing. They bring years of experience and strong trade industry relationships.

Fashion/Trend Research Team

Our team of analysts study consumer-purchasing trends as to what they buy, and where they buy it.

Further study focused on materials, colors, patterns and designs.

Consumer evaluation needs, searching for new product technology application enhancements.

Working directly with inventors in expanded new technology product concepts.

Retail Merchandising Solution

State- of-the-art replenishment system, meeting retailers in stock level requirements, generating incremental sales and profits.

Systematic ordering system prevents excess inventory, improving cash flow with a balanced production run.